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  • All About The Chinese Evergreen Plant
  • Post author
    Jessica DeGennaro

All About The Chinese Evergreen Plant

All About The Chinese Evergreen Plant

The Chinese Evergreen, or ‘Silver Bay’ Plant is native to Asia and is famously known for its beautiful leaves. Spotted with multiple shades of green, The Chinese Evergreen is the perfect addition to any space and a relatively easy plant to care for. 

Have a read about this plant below.

chinese evergreen plant


Habitat Needs

All that this plant needs is a proper sized planter that allows it to show off its beautifully unique leaves. Always remember to keep your plant in a pot that has drainage holes for proper watering.

Lighting Needs

The Chinese Evergreen Plant can tolerate low light but does best in brighter lighting conditions. This means close to a window but not directly in the sun. If this plant is left in the sun rays, it can cause it to scorch. This may seem confusing, but just remember, no direct sunlight and your plant will be happy.

Watering Needs

This plant prefers to be watered once the top soil is dried slightly and loves humidity. To check if your plant is ready to be watered, stick your finger about 1-3” down in the soil and if it's not damp, it's ready! Continue this watering cycle throughout spring, summer and start to taper out in the fall until winter. Watering needs will lessen in colder months.

Temperature Needs

Characterized as a greenhouse plant, The Silver Bay has the qualities of such. Being that this plant loves to be in warm, humid climates, you’ll want to create an environment close to that. Keeping the temperature above 65 degrees fahrenheit and adding a humidifier to your space should do.

Nutrient Needs

You can give your plant a slow-release pellet or liquid fertilizer once a year at the beginning and end of its growing season.  

How to Propagate 

If you’d like to propagate the Chinese Evergreen, simply cut a stem off with clean garden shears and dip the end of the cutting in root hormone and place in a vessel of water. (We like to repurpose glass jars around the home.) Wait until its new roots have started to grow about 3-4” and it's ready to be planted into a new pot of soil.

We hope this helped any new plant parents. Happy Planting!

  • Post author
    Jessica DeGennaro

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